Waiting List/On Call Procedures:


If you are interested in lessons, and my studio happens to be full, you can opt to go “on call”.  What this means is, I can’t guarantee you a regular spot each week, but I can call you if I have any cancellations, and if I have any “make up lessons” available, they can be offered to you as well.

You are still a part of the studio and are invited to join us in any Retirement Tours and any competitions/special events that may come up.  You will also have access to my Workbook with the worksheets that I have created to help you keep track of everything we work on together, including college audition stuff. You will also have access to areas of the web site that only students and their parents can access.

Once you receive a Login, you will need to check the web site on a regular basis for these “make up lessons”, (they will be highlighted in pink so they should be easy to spot) and I will call/email/text you when I have cancellations.  If I can’t get a hold of you, I will go on to the next On Call student in seniority order. I will try to give you at least 24 hours for cancellations; however, sometimes I don’t get that much notice myself.  I will contact you as soon as I know.

This special status does however guarantee you a regular spot (in seniority order) when one does come available. 

There is a $100.00 registration fee for this service.